In January of 2011 Sara and I walked in to this 100 year old church in St. Paul with our imaginations on fire. The thought of creatives coming together for rich hospitality, conversations of consequence, and imaginative creativity was not new to us.  The Art House in Nashville has long been a balm to our souls as we have navigated the world as artists, and it has been a long-held dream to provide a similar space in the Twin Cities.

The heart of Art House is to provide "resources that communicate the worth and necessity of all vocations with access to speakers, teachers, and guest artists. All Art House programs promote community, life, and world engagement, helping people become more and more interested in the same things that Jesus is interested in."

Music, photography, visual arts, storytelling - all creative endeavors - can be powerful tools for inspiration, growth and change in individuals and communities.  "Give me the songs of a nation, I care not who writes it's laws" said Damon of Athens.  Conversation and collaboration are all a part of a healthy art ecosystem, and to that end, we have moved our family in to the city and opened our doors.

Grace and Peace,

The Groves