Artists Respond: Creation Care


Nate Houge, our native "breadsmith on a bike" from Brake Bread spoke on the simplicity of building relationships, and how it all connects to creation. But this wasn't all just serious talk, we even had a sing-a-long with Nate, and learned how to draw a Caddisfly with Sarah Nelson (pictured below) She drew 2,000 of them for her Natural Heritage Project this spring.

Buy less
Spend more, and
Spend it where it matters
- Nate Houge


This Creation Care event brought to light the beauty of our world through Sarah Nelson, and how we, as its stewards can love it better simply because it is beautiful! *scroll to the bottom for a link to go on a Nature Walk WITH Sarah this May! To purchase any of her art from the event, contact Sarah HERE.

Nature: Learn how to see it and not just survive it.
- Sarah Nelson


Ben Rosenbush invited us to arise a new awakening within us for Creation Care, and played a new tune off his upcoming record.

Love God, love your neighbor, and love the earth.
- Ben Rosenbush

We closed the night with Prayers of the People. Lead by local musician, John Mark Nelson, and a few guests from the audience. We prayed for our homes, our communities, and our world.

Our hearts are full, and cannot wait for more events this year to gather together at Art House North!

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