Rabbinical Art House Study with Melody Olson


Approaching scripture as the beginning of a conversation rather than the end of the conversation.

Good friend Melody Olson leads our monthly Rabbinical Scripture study every third Wed/Thurs of the month.

We have a rhythm of not having the passage we explore together chosen beforehand - so it’s very possible that each night, the study will be different. How it works is, each person in the room will offer a “check-in” - or a short verbal description of what you have been thinking or ruminating on lately. Then, based on what the check-ins are like, a few different passages are put on the table, and then the participants can vote on which passage we study! It’s a real adventure!

For those unfamiliar - here’s a further explanation about the nature of these studies: they are designed to be discovery-based, conversational, adventurous and meaningful; a “come as you are” space where you are encouraged to ask every question, and be wherever you are on the spectrum of belief. All creative souls are welcome!!

Madi Reimer