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Rabbinical Art House Study with Melody Olson (Wednesday)


Hello Friends!

It's time again to plan for the next Art House Study! 

Here's a quick a reminder of what this night will be about: 

The first 18 people that respond to this invite will gather to study scripture together in a new, adventurous way. I (Melody) started studying this way through a fellow nonprofit organization, 40Orchards. Their website describes these studies best with the following phrases: 

"Welcome to a different kind of Bible Study...

Where you are listened to before you are taught. Where theology mixes with vulnerability. Where all voices hold important space in the conversation. Where the Spirit drives instead of an agenda. Where the Story of God is a multi-faceted gem that each person turns. Where you are free to have more questions than answers. Where you enter a space that offers healing and wholeness. Where the hope is for you to discover how to live as the best you out in the world, not inside our walls."

Another hope that I hold for these studies is that you will enter a space where you can be honest with wherever you are on the spectrum of belief, and that you will find a community that embraces you and your creative mind. We will also open space for you to share the things you are creating lately, champion you in those endeavors, and inspire you to create with even more honesty, courage, and strength. 

There will be light snacks served and an opportunity to donate to support the sustainability of these studies (suggested donation is $10). All you need to bring is a Bible, a notebook, a pen, and your "self" - which includes the mixed bag of openness, closedness, tiredness, awakeness - everyone/everything is welcome. 

Hope to see you there!

- Melody